Thanks for visiting my site. Hopefully you find some of the topics helpful and or interesting.

I started to write about my experiences with a mental health illness because I needed an outlet, and it seemed to be therapeutic for me. It helped to get some things out of my system and to see them in a different light. I am affected by depression and this is probably the main reason I started this blog and podcast, so silver linings.

My story includes the struggle of returning to the UK from Australia, being told 'I don't love you anymore', divorce, understanding a loving but broken childhood, learning nothing is forever and trying to manage my self destructive and stigmatising thoughts.

I have written a blog post for Men Tell Health, which tells you my story in more detail, so please check out their site and my post. I have other, more general Guest Blogger posts, which I obviously recommend too. 

In 2017 I added 'lifestyle' topics to my blogging categories, includes things like health, exercise, local events and reviews. I am delighted to be sharing more and showing how

mental health can affect anyone at different times, but also how we can continue to seek out amazing events, places and people to support our wellbeing, whether your struggling with mental health or not. If you have projects or events you would like to discuss with me, get in touch

In July 2018 I hosted the first ever Mental Health Blog Awards in Portsmouth. I am delighted by the support I had from a range of individuals, organisations and charities. Seeing the support and celebration of people sharing their stories of mental health illness, wellness, stigma and importantly support is something I am so very proud of.

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me through social media or from the contacts page



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