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MOJO Podcast focuses on mental health, illness, wellness, stigma and support. Episodes range from rambling with Mike, collaborations with other podcasters and importantly (and mostly) the shared stories of people with lived experience of mental health illnesses or a passion of mental health conversations, awareness and education.

Mike and his guests discuss a range of topics including: health, relationships, education, exercise, local events and product reviews.

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The Amazing Guests Of The Podcast 

Podcast Updates

September 2018

Mike's Open Journal has grown so much, its become a bit confusing what is what, so. The blog and podcast will operate under the name MOJO Blog and Podcast, which will be hosted by Mike's Open Journal (the main site).

February 2017

There is so many amazing episodes! This has caused some of the older podcast episodes to drop off my feed going to iTunes and acast. As such I have now added a page to the website with links to all my podcast episodes, for your listening pleasure.

November 2016

Wow, in the last week Ive booked in enough guests to take me part episode 50! The podcast has surpassed 1,000 downloads, so its been a good week in podcast land.

October  2016

I have had an amazing week! This week I spoke to two twitter mental health chat Creators. Angie Creator of #MentalHealthHR and Hannah Creator of #TalkMH. You have to check our episodes 39 and 40 to listen in. Thanks again to both ladies who have created a space online where mental health can and is discussed openly and honestly.  

July 2016

I have now had a few guests on the podcast and I would like to say a huge thank you to them for coming onto the show and talking about some of their own stories as well as the general chat we had. 

July 2016

The podcast is now on acast too.  

June 2016

Now on iTunes! Check me / the podcast out HERE

May 2016

Podcasting is a new adventure for me and a new way to talk about menatl health. 

Following on from my blog, which I have started to post to alittle less...naughty. I thought I like podcasts, I listen to podcasts, so....why not. Its a great way to connect to people, who are often busy and doing more than one thing at once (he says while listening to music, kind of singing along, typing this, while the podcast bounces (whatever that means). 

I have submitted the podcast to iTunes, however Ive heard this can take some time. So until its confired I invite you to listen by other audio apps / sites, all you need is to be able to enter a direct web url to connect with the podcast. My address is:

Happy Listening

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